Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland is one of the most visited tourist places in the world.

Zurich; A War Free Zone Since 1505

Switzerland has many unique features, still it is widely popular for Swiss Banks, Swiss Watches and tasty chocolates. Most important feature is that the country has never witnessed or took part in a war since 1505. Probably the longest peace prevailing zone in our planet. Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland has been continued to occupy the topmost position in the list of world cities with highest living standards. It is the wealthiest city in Europe too. Besides, Nowadays, Zurich has become one of the most visited tourist spots in the world and many tour operators are offering attractive packages to this city. Here we are offering some valuable information about Zurich which will help you to organise your tour.

Lake Zurich

A 40-kilometer long and 3-kilometer wide lake which contains pure drinkable water that flows down from the beautiful mountains of Switzerland is the most visited tourist place in the city. Lake is being used for activities such as swimming and boating too. Floating pontoon decks can be seen along the border of the lake. These have swimming pools, change rooms, saunas, massage parlours and cafe.

Old Town

Altstadt or the Old Town is the part of the city that claims historical importance. Here you can see the past embracing the present. Winding Cobblestone lanes and 19-century styled buildings are now housing a number of modern cafes and shopping centers. Spreading along both the shores of River Limmat, old town houses two important structures too; a medieval church, Church of Our Lady and Grossmunster which is an excellent example for the Gothic style.

Uetliberg Mountains

2850- feet high mountain is the ideal place to enjoy a panoramic view of Zurich, Limmat Valley and of Alps. There are many hiking and biking trails to go over the mountain in summer and in winter there will be sledding runs. Apart from this, you can use the Solar Trial, which is a two hour long walk from Uetliberg to Felsenegg. Here you can go for a tour through a model of solar system

Bahnhofstrasse The Shopping Street

Running from the main railway station till the lake, the street is with luxury shops on both the sides. You will get a designer, fashion fur, porcelain and, of course chocolates. The cafe on the basement of the largest department store ‘Jelmoli’ is a place to visit. The cafe Sprungli is the epicenter of Swiss Sweet since 1836.


Limmatquai is the vibrant street where shopping activities are thriving. There are many hotels and restaurants here in this street that supply delicious foods. On the right-hand side of the street is River Limmat and on the other side, it is Rathaus, Zurich  Parliament building. There are many buildings in this street which are dated back to the eighteenth century.


It is a district in Zurich which has played many important roles in the history of Zurich. This district was under the rule of Romans and there was a Roman Fort earlier. Lindenhof again found a place in the history in the 13th century when it fought a war with Winterthur. When Zurich ran out of force, women from this district appeared in the war front dressed as soldiers giving an impression that a strong force has come. This had a psychological impact on the enemies. Even now there is a fountain in the square that commemorates this historical incident. Besides, it is the green field of the city and one can enjoy an overview of the old city from here.

Swiss National Museum

Although the city houses many museums and galleries, Swiss National Museum stands a cut above the rest. It is really a showcase of the nation’s culture, history and heritage.

St. Peter Church

A popular structure that has been built in the 9th century. Although it has been renewed partially during 17th and 19th centuries, it still considered as an example for 9th-century architecture.

Festivals and Engagements

Traditional Sechselaeuten

It is a traditional celebration of the beginning of the Spring Season. An effigy of snowman will be placed on a pyre and the same will be set on fire. Entire city population will be there to watch the incident.

Zurich Pride Festival

It is a festival to establish human rights and fights the discrimination against gays, lezbians, homosexuals and transexuals. This may extend for several days with stage shows, concerts, street parades and various other cultural activities. People across the world participate in this unique event every year.

Turnip Lantern Festival

Tons of turnips will be carved artistically to make different types of lanterns and will be displayed as themed floats in a procession. This will be followed by open air concerts and various art performances.

Apart from these important festivals, there are many other attractive festivals such as Zurich film festival, Iron man festival, Zurich marathon etc.


Zurich has the typical oceanic climate with four distinct seasons. In the months of June, July and August the city witness moderate temperature. August is the warmest month and January the coolest one. Rainfall is being witnessed from May to September. July is the wettest month and February is the driest one.