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World of Whales


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As the boat gently glides through the ocean's expanse, anticipation fills the air. Suddenly, a collective gasp escapes as a majestic whale breaches the surface, its massive form glistening in the sunlight. Guests marvel at the spectacle before them, a reminder of the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. With each sighting, a sense of wonder and reverence washes over the passengers, creating memories that will last a lifetime

Our Recommendations

  • Known as one of the best land-based whale watching destinations, Hermanus offers spectacular views of southern right whales from its coastal cliffs during the winter months. Boat tours also provide close encounters with these majestic creatures.

  • Mirissa is famous for its sightings of blue whales, the largest animals on Earth. Visitors can join boat tours to witness these magnificent creatures, along with other species such as sperm whales and spinner dolphins, in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. 

  • Kaikoura is renowned for its rich marine life, including sperm whales, humpback whales, and orcas. Visitors can embark on boat tours or scenic flights to observe these marine mammals against the backdrop of the rugged Kaikoura coastline. 

  • Hervey Bay is known as the whale watching capital of Australia, particularly for its close encounters with humpback whales during their annual migration along the east coast. Visitors can join boat tours to witness these gentle giants and their calves in the calm waters of the bay

  • Maui offers opportunities to see humpback whales during their winter breeding season, with sightings possible from the island's shores as well as on boat tours departing from Lahaina and Ma'alaea Harbor. 

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